Broadcasting Studio

Nowadays, the traditional broadcasting and Broadcasting Studio is embracing a revolution brought about by the widespread use of HD digital display and inteligent monitoring & control as the network and information era is approaching. With unparalleled depth of shades, fitting color saturation, sharp and clear picture, full digital processing mode and proven technology, LianTronics fine-pitch LED screen has become contemporary TV studio's favorite choice.

Thus, possessing ultra HD display image, wide range of color temperature, stable broadcasting system, high refresh rate,and fine display effect, LianTronics fine-pitch LED screen is designed to cater to the need of live telecast.

Broadcasting Studio System Diagram

Broadcasting Studio

①audio for conference       ②fine pitch LED screen       ③transmitting card       ④power amplifier (PA)       ⑤camera for conference       ⑥image processor      ⑦camera for conference      ⑧Chairman, several units       ⑨automatic host of high-definition recorder      ⑩digital conference host       ⑪conference audio processor      ⑫speaker cable      ⑬automatic host of high-definition recorder       ⑭IPAD terminal       ⑮audio cable       ⑯video cable       ⑰speaker cable188 core conference cable

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