Helios Series

Helios Series

Product Details:

  • Brand:266×450mm
  • Serial Number: 37kg/pcs
  • Country of Origin:10mm
  • Certificate:8000-9000nits

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16:9 Cabinet

Unique screen ratio of outdoor LED screen in the industry point-to-point displays 2k/4k image.

High brightness & high refresh rate

With a brightness of 9000nits and a refresh rate of 3840Hz,readable under the sunshine.

Ultra-light & Ultra-thin

Aluminum cabinet. With a weight of 27kg/㎡, the nsalltion speed improves by 20%, lower transportation costs.

IP65 rating of protection

Separate waterproof modules, suitable for various outdoor environments,safe use.

SPECS--Helios Series

Item Helios10
Pixel Pitch (mm) 10
Weight(kg/pcs) 37
Panel Size (mm) 266(W)×450(H)
*Notes: Specifications are slightly different according to different configurations. Please contact our salesperson for details. All rights are reserved to LianTronics.

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