Indoor Rental LED Display of RM Series

Indoor Rental LED Display of RM Series

Key Features:

  • Pixel Pitch:3.9mm
  • Panel Size:500x100mm
  • Weight:12kg/pcs
  • Brightness:≥1000nits
  • Service Access:Front/Rear
  • Panel Material:Die-casting Aluminum

Product Description:

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Super Cool Spider-inspired Appearance

Stretching out as spiders, RM series features spider-sense agility and spider-web endurance to establish a super cool stage as you want.

Lightweight Modularization Design Keeps Your Cost Down

Through modularization design, the modules, frames and control boxes of RM cabinets can be universally applied to any RM products in different pixel pitches to lower down your cost. Single cabinet weighs only 12.5kg (25kg/m²), which is 20% lighter than conventional ones and operational for a single worker, saving your cost on transportation and installation on the other hand.

High-precision Guarantee

High-precision die-casting structure guarantees excellent flatness of module and cabinet splicing. The brand-new integrated arc lock structure is more accurate and easier to use than the separated one.

Perfect Right-angle

The cabinet frame and the module bottom shell are designed with a 45-degree beveled edge, which can achieve seamless splicing at a perfect right-angle.

Higher Flexibility, Greater Creativity

500*1000 mm and 500*500mm (half -sized) cabinets are deliverable and can be mixed up in connection. Thanks to the special design, RM series enables to realize various splicing shapes such as 5 or 10 degrees concave & convex splicing, L-shape or half-cabinet dislocation.

Super Safe with Multiple Protections

Special protective corner is customized to greatly improve the anti-collision capability of RM cabinets and reduce the cost of maintenance. The novel and strong hanging fast-lock ensures the absolute safety of usage and it is easy to install or disassemble in stacking or hanging installation even for a single person.

Rapid Maintenance

RM modules adopt magnetic front-accessible maintenance. It takes only 10 seconds to replace the module and 15 seconds for control box replacement.

SPECS--RM Series Indoor Rental LED Display

Item RM3
Pixel Pitch (mm) 3.9
Pixel Density (pixels/㎡) 65536
Panel Dimension (mm) 500(W) × 1000(H) × 86(D)
Panel Dimension (inch) 19.68(W) × 39.37(H) × 3.38(D)
Panel Material Die - casting aluminum
Weight (kg/pcs) 12.5
Brightness (nits) ≥1000
*Avg. Power Consumption (W/㎡) 170
*Max. Power Consumption (W/㎡) 680
*Notes: Specifications are slightly different according to different configurations. Please contact our salesperson for details. All rights are reserved to LianTronics.

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