Commercial LED Display of FS Series

Commercial LED Display of FS Series
Commercial LED Display of FS Series
Commercial LED Display of FS Series

Product Details:

  • Brand:960×960mm
  • Serial Number: 45kg/㎡
  • Country of Origin:5/6/8/10/mm
  • Certificate:6000nits

Payment & Shipping Terms:

  • Price Quote:Iron/Aluminum
  • Minimum Order: Front/Rear
  • Payment Method:The SMD cost-effective panels can deliver crisp pictures and vivid color even when it is positioned very high in the building exterior.
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FS Series Commercial LED Display--Outdoor Advertising SMD LED Display

Outdoor Fixed LED DisplayOutdoor Advertising SMD LED Display

· Uniform color and high contrast ratio, bringing about fresh and natural images
· Low power consumption and fine heat release
· Super wide viewing angle increases its value by covering more audience
· No deformation under sunlight by the use of anti-UV modules
· Long service time and low attenuation by applying duel channels for heat dissipation
· High protection grade of IP65 achieved by patented mask design with waterproof and dustproof function
· Safe and reliable operation ensured by stable signal and power supply

Outdoor Fixed LED Display of FS Series

LianTronics outdoor LED display all employed particular energy-saving technology shown as below which can reduce operation cost down to the minimum.  
1. The screen brightness is intelligently adjusted according to the ambient, which helps reduce the power consumption and avoid excessive power waste.
2. Reduce the single lamp power consumption by using super-wide LED and keeping the work state at a low current drive.
3. PWM waveform driven LED supports operation at low power consumption and causes no effect on the LED chroma.
4. Optimize PCB layout to reduce power loss.
5. Add automatic temperature control device.
6. Adopt the switching power supply with efficiency over 85% and correction function with power factor over 0.95 to reduce the self-consumption of power supply.


With a high protection grade of IP65, F&FS series outdoor LED display can withstand a lot of harsh weather. The high brightness, reasonable power consumption and great heat dissipation make it ideal for use in open public such as parks, street corners, stadiums, commercial real estate, scenic spot, transportation junction, and other needed sites.


SPECS--FS Series Outdoor Fixed LED Display

Item FS5 FS6 FS8 FS10
Pixel configuration SMD
Pixel Pitch (mm) 5 6 8 10
Pixel Density (pixels/㎡) 40000 27778 15625 10000
Panel Size (mm) 960(W) × 960(H) × 154(D) 1440(W) × 960(H) × 154(D)
Panel Size (inch) 37.8(W) × 37.8(H) × 6.1(D) 56.7(W) × 37.8(H) × 6.1(D)
Panel Resolution(pixels) 192×192 160×160 120×120 144×96
Weight (kg/㎡) 45
White balance brightness (nits) 6000
Panel Material Aluminum/Iron
*Avg. Power Consumption (W/㎡) 175 175 150 175
*Max. Power Consumption (W/㎡) 700 700 610 700
Serviceability Front/Rear
Viewing Angle (deg.) 160(H)/160(V)
Refresh Rate (Hz) 1920/2880/3840
Gray Level(Bit) 12/14/16
Protection Grade(Front/Rear) IP65/IP54
Operating Temp/Humidity(℃/%RH) -20~50/10~90
Storage Temp/Humidity(℃/%RH) -40~60/0~90
Lifetime(Normal Temp)(hours) 100000
Compliant Standard CE FCC RoHS
*Notes: Specifications are slightly different according to different configurations. Please contact our salesperson for details. All rights are reserved to LianTronics.

                          FS Series Outdoor Fixed LED Display--Outdoor Advertising SMD LED Display.

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