LED Display in New Giza is the top of the Seven LED Wonders of the World

As the seven wonders of the world changed and updated over the ages, the seven wonders of the world in the area of LED applications is to come into existence.

From a Well-known foreign magazine and Several websites mentioned,the following shows the seven LED wonders of the world today,and the led display manufactured by LCJH next to The Great Pyramid of Giza is the top of The SEVEN LED Wonders of the World.

LED Display

The Seven LED Wonders of the world:

Outdoor led display next to The Great Pyramid of Giza

The first Wonder is the wonder that practically combines modern technological achievements with the Wonder of antiquity: a gigantic led display next to the Great Pyramid of Giza. The sign was manufactured by “Shenzhen LCJH Optoelectronic Co., Ltd” (China).

The largest LED display of the world

A veteran among led screens, the ceiling led screen in Freemont street in Las Vegas, USA remains the largest led display in the world,with nearly 16 257 square meters of image area. It was better described “bigger than the biggest”.

LED Display

Huge full color LED display in Beijing

The full-color led screen in Beijing,which was built into the roof over the pedestrial area at the height of 24 meters at the entrance to a mega-mall, was constructed for the 2008 Olympics. The led display sometimes called the largest led display in asia.

HD LED Displays in the Atlanta Braves stadium

The Diamond Vision led screen at the Atlanta Braves stadium,which was made by Mitsubishi Electric,is the largest high resolution outdoor led screen. This led display has the resolution of 1280 х 720 pixels.The image area of the led display is 636 sq.meter.

LED display worked under Winter freezing

An ideal example is the led display installed in Norilsk in Russia, a city well beyond the Polar circle. Needless to say that this is the geographic zone with extremely low temperatures. The temperature fluctuations in Norilsk range from -47°С in winter to + 30°С in summer, At the time of installation the temperature in the city was -55°C.

The LED display was installed on the administrative building of “Norilsk Nikel” factory in 2004.

The most unusual LED Display

The candidate of the most unusual led screen is the well-known led screen from the North America, more specifically, from the Time Square in New York. This is that screen that was recently modernized and described in an excellent article of Louis M. Brill.

Indeed, the “ABC” screen is an unusual sample of LED-based creativity. Multi-segment led screen made of interlacing curved strips and driven by a specially designed software. What can be more unusual than this!

The Alternative Energy Supply LED Display

The topic of alternative energy sources is one of the most frequent in the media. Therefore we decided to come up with the nomination: The Alternative Energy Supply. At this point we have to return to the giant media-wall in Beijing mentioned earlier.

The led screen is unique because it was built on photocells and is completely independent from traditional energy supply. As a result, we have a unique combination of the LED media carrier and the environment-friendly technology. This is the first such system in the world.

LED Display

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