LED Display with the most pixels in the world--Over 3000 Sq.m Ceiling Display for the South Square of Goose Pagoda

Product Category :Indoor Fixed
Pixel Pitch :PH10mm
Display Size :3000㎡
Installation Date :2012

LED Display

This huge ceiling display jointly made by Liantronics and Hansen Company in Xi’an is high definition display which has the smallest pixel pitch and more than 30 million pixels. The ceiling display is 168m in length and 17.92m in width, and the screen pixels are more than total pixels of 14 full HD videos (207K, 1920 X 1080).

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Liantronics New Heights: Build the Largest Indoor LED Display in Asia(3000sq.m)


LED Display is getting increasingly popular as new information media in our lives, which combines modern high-tech with a series of advantages: energy saving, environmentally friendly, rich colors, dynamic videos and texts, huge visual picture, long view distance and wide range of audience. It has been used in everywhere in the world. Recently, a canopy LED display of more than 3000 square meters located in Qin Han Tang Emporium of Xian unveiled her mystery. This huge canopy LED screen was elaborately built by Liantronics. It was reported that the project lasted for two months and cost RMB 40 million and it will become a great significant benchmark project.

This canopy LED display is located in the Qin Han Tang Emporium in the Big Wild Goose Pagoda of Xi'an. It is 168 meters long and 17.92 meters wide, with a total area of over 3000 square meters. It is as big as 7 basketball courts, and known as "the largest indoor LED display in Asia”. The huge canopy LED display is made up of more than 1770 pieces of small LED tile which is only 1.6 square meters. Its physical pixel pitch is 10mm, so the pixel density of the LED display is very high, fully achieving a super high definition visual effect. This LED display brings not only the beautiful environment but also lots of potential business opportunities to the mall.

Largest Indoor LED

3000sq.m Led ceiling Display in Xi'an China

Largest Indoor LED

3000sq.m Led ceiling Display in Xi'an China

Liantronics has rich building experience in indoor canopy LED display. For example, the big canopy LED display projects of Grande Splendor and Sun-Rising Langqing Plaza in Chongqing have been successfully created and widely praised by the customers. The huge canopy LED display in Xi’an is not just big enough, but also acts as the dome of the whole building. So the requirements of engineering and installation of this project brought great challenges to the display quality and structural design. Liantronics considered much more in how to complete this benchmarking project perfectly for the customer in every aspect of product development, material selection, production, quality management, finished aging, packaging, transportation, engineering installation and adjustment, and checks at each level to ensure a hundred percent match with customer requirements.

The giant canopy LED display of Qin Han Tang shopping plaza in Qujiang of Xi’an serves as a foil to the beauty of Chinese traditional architecture and creates out a unique indoor commercial block of luxury experience. It refreshes the number of large size LED display which is more than 1000 square meters built by Liantronics, and becomes a new milestone of Liantronics in construction of canopy LED display.

Largest Indoor LED

Liantronics build the Largest Indoor LED Display in Asia

Largest Indoor LED Display

Liantronics build the Largest Indoor LED Ceiling Display in Asia

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