LianTronic F16 Screen Refreshes Plaza Mexico of America

Product Category :Outdoor Fixed
Pixel Pitch :PH16mm
Display Size :98㎡
Installation Date :2015

Plaza led

Just south of downtown Los Angeles, Plaza Mexico has recently become the home of new digital displays by LianTronics. California’s Plaza Mexico is a key historical site as well as the most prominent shopping and retail plaza for the large Latino community in Southern California. Plaza Mexico, inspired by traditional Mexican cities, is a successful retail and entertainment hub anchored by Mexican culture and businesses featuring over 150 storefronts.

led Screen

Measuring at over 46 feet wide and 23 feet high, the display spans across the top advertising spot on the plaza sign. Overlooking I-105, the display stands visible from one of the busiest highways in the United States with an estimated 250,000 commuters that drive past the sign daily. The strategic placement of a new digital display in this popular and culturally rich location will undoubtedly garner even more attention from the commuters passing by. The crisp and vivid F Series used for this display is guaranteed to be a refreshing eye-catcher for wary commuters previously numb to the unexciting static billboards.

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