LianTronics VL1.2 with Curved Shape Shining in The City of Dreams

Product Category :Fine Pitch
Pixel Pitch :PH1.2mm
Display Size :11.054m(L)*1.829m(H)=20.218㎡ (2 sets)
Installation Date :2015

Curved led


Possessing diversified entertained facilities such as superior nightclubs, hotels, restaurants, shopping mall and playground, the City of Dreams is a major gambling project for Melco Crown Entertainment Limited, .The city of dreams holds three hotels where could provide more than 1400 meticulous and stylish rooms for worldwide customers. It has received the great acclamation and appreciation by its guest since opening.


The City of Dreams

Recently, LianTronics has built the HD LED display with the small pixel pitch of PH1.2mm for The City of Dream.The most prominent feature of the LED display is its curved shape which is really difficult to design and install.Based on the world-leading core technologies and responsible attitude toward customers’ requirement, this curved LED display installed in The City of Dream is presenting the excellent pictures, issuing clear information and covering more visual angle. Besides, the outstanding features of high contrast ratio, high brightness, seamlessness and stable operation all contribute to the success of this project. LianTronics VL series LED display is well accepted by many customers in many applications including conference room, commanding room, surveillance center, exhibition hall and commercial plaza.

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