LianTronics FC3 is Applied at TV Studio of Car Fans Channel

Product Category :Indoor Fixed
Pixel Pitch :PH3mm
Display Size :9.3㎡
Installation Date :2015


TV Studio of Car Fans Channel

   Car Fans Channel whose headquarter is located in Beijing is the only professional digital channel for motor vehicle in China. By broadcasting the car leisure entertainment, common sense of car maintenance, car brand connotation and car competition, Car Fans Channel has enriched the variety of car knowledge to viewers and enabled viewers to experience the infinite charm of car culture.

Car Fans Channel

   Recently, Car Fans Channel cooperates with Liantronics to build FC series indoor fixed LED display for TV studio. Sitting in front of TV, the viewers could still feel like participating in the live recording because of the smooth and vivid image taken on the LED screen. Besides, LianTronics high precision die-casting aluminum panels could guarantee that the entire display screen is always flat and seamless. LianTronics FC series LED display with pixel pitches of 3mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, and 6mm and fan-less design is especially suitable for high-end stores, hotel, theaters and other public indoor places. 
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