LianTronics R4T, FS6 and FS8 LED Screens Advertise in the bank of Jamaica

Product Category :Outdoor Fixed
Pixel Pitch :PH4mm, PH6mm, PH8mm
Display Size :15.8㎡
Installation Date :2016


liantronics ad screen

    LianTronics successfully installed three sets of outdoor LED displays in the bank of Jamaica, including R4T, FS6 and FS8 with the pixel pitches of PH4mm, PH6mm and PH8mm.

Advertise led

R4T is installed on the wall inside the bank window, making the outer wall more innovative.

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outdoor LED displays

    Installed as two side screens, FS6 is broadcasting vivid advertisement in front of the bank, which could draw more attention from passersby.

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bank led

    FS8 was installed at the entrance of the bank. When people step in, they will reach the information on the screen at first time. It is really a convenient banner to notice and deliver some important messages.

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