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Shenzhen LianTronics Co., Ltd (stock code: 300269), founded in 2003, is a     trustworthy display solution provider specializing in LED application products from developing, manufacturing, sales to service.

Over the past decade, LianTronics has grown into a state-level high-tech enterprise, with 3700+ employees and 200+ national patents.

LianTronics has successfully conducted over 35,000 cases globally,         covering critical mission, municipal engineering, commercial property,       exhibition hall, public security organs, transportation hub, VR education, broadcasting studios, video conference rooms, advertising media, etc.

At present, LianTronics owns a large manufacturing base located Dayawan Industrial Zone, Huizhou City, China, providing up to 30 million USD annual value of production to meet the needs of customers from all over the world.


              Top 3                         80000m²                          200+                           35,000

          Production Capacity Worldwide                                           Manufacturing Base                                                          National Patents                                                 Successful Cases Worldwide



     Professional                   Fast                 Comprehensive                 Considerate

         Years of LED Industry Experience                           5 Customer Service Centers                                 Transnational Operation                                          100+ Sales Staff & 100+ Service Engineers

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2019     LianTronics RE Series New Launch.

2018     LianTronics products for Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.

2017     LianTronics sales of fine-pitch LED display reached 109.5 mllion USD.

2016     LianTronics curved LED screen lighted up Alibaba Showroom for G20.

2015     Fine-pitch LED display became the new product to drive business growth of LianTronics.

2014     LianTronics was selected as the provider of LED screens forBrazil 2014 World Cup.

2013       LianTronics was awarded as the 10th”Famous Brand of Shenzhen”and purchased Esdlumen.

2012     Our 3,000 square meter LED ceiling display is installed in Qin Han Tang Emporium, Xi'an. 

2011     Liantronics is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM of China. (stock code :300269) 

2010     The 1,200 square meter LED display installed for the Beijing Dinghao building is the first energy-saving LED display that saves more than 1 million kW every year. 

2009     The largest curtain LED display in Shenzhen, at 1,002.24 square meters, is installed on the Galaxy Century building. 

2008     The largest outdoor full color LED screen in Egypt, made by Liantronics, is installed. At 1,208 square meters large, this display made the list of the Top Seven LED Wonders of the World.

2007     LianTronics begin partnering with Cree LED Chip Manufacturing in Huizhou.

2006     LianTronics launched joint-stock reform.

2004     LianTronics sales volume ranked first in Shenzhen.

2002     We develop our first indoor full-color LED screen by using unique three-to-one SMD technology.

1998     Liantronics is established as an LED manufacturer. 

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Your Trustworthy Display Solution Provider.

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Innovation. Sunshine. Endeavor. Gratitude.

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Product + Service

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Display All You Want

1208㎡ outdoor display in New Giza, Egypt, known as LED display wonder, featuring super weather-proof

3000㎡ ceiling display in Xi’an, China, famous for the most pixels, featuring realistic displaying image

2500㎡ elevating curtain display in Hunan, China, featuring wide viewing angle

1200㎡ outdoor display in Beijing, China, featuring energy saving

1500㎡ lighting display in Crown Hotel, Macau

1002㎡ curtain display in Shenzhen, China, featuring high above the ground by 160 meters and all weather proof

Our creative display in Hallelujah Concert Hall in Huanglong Cave, Zhangjiajie, China, is listed in Guinness Book of World Records, famous for its 21 pieces which can be combined for desirable effects or moved separately.

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Brands : LianTronics

No. of Employees : 3600~3800

Annual Sales : 200000-300000000

Year Established : 2003

Export p.c : 30% - 40%


Our Products Have Passed Many Certificates.

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